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Healthcare Consumption

Today, Sunday, will be a day for history regarding the Healthcare Reform Bill. Our elected officials are to vote on the bill later today. The good news, most people agree something needs to be done to provide all people with quality medical and behavioral health care. The bad news is that the Republicans and the Democrats can not see eye to eye on how to get it done. It is all going to come down to a very close vote this afternoon.

While this blog is not meant to pick sides or say who is right and who is wrong, it is simply meant to say that something has to be done sooner rather than later. I have friends and family on both sides of the debate and on both sides of the need.

The Parity Act went into effect this past January to help people with behavioral issues. It was designed to make sure that people received the same behavioral care insurance coverage as someone with a medical issue. MINES & Associates provides several different types of behavioral care programs through employee benefit plans. Our Managed Behavioral Care Program provides high quality service to employees and at typically reduced rates to the employer.

Behavioral health is a part of the health care reform bill.

Some statistics from AARP magazine note the following:
– 1% of our population accounts for 24% of medical costs
– 5% of our population accounts for 49% of medical costs
– 10% of our population accounts for 64% of medical costs
– 50% of our population accounts for 97% of medical costs
– The remaining 50% of the population,
is the healthiest group and accounts for just 3% of medical costs

In 2006, health care costs for the +/- 300 million people living in the US was a staggering $2.1 Trillion.

Many Americans are stressed and worried about healthcare and MINES & Associates can help. Through our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) available to employees by their employers we can help. Whether you feel depressed about a medical condition, are worried about loved ones with no insurances, feel anxiety about what changes may effect you, or need financial assistance our trained counselors and therapists can help. We encourage you to check with your HR department for the name and contacts information of your EAP provider. Whether it is MINES & Associates or someone else, just know there are people ready to help you.

MINES & Associates is a 30 year old national business psychology firm providing EAPS, Managed Behavioral Care, Prescription Drug cost reduction plans, and BizPsych consulting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Allan Benson 720-979-8046
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The Children of Haiti

What has filled our eyes over the last 10 days of the Haitian people’s life challenges has been mind boggling. The fact that over ½ the buildings and homes were destroyed, over 150,000 people have died, and many more are buried in the rubble is just hard to believe. The assistance of so many countries and people from around the world is very touching. I thank everyone for their giving and caring.

But what about the children?

My wife’s and my church supports 3 orphanages in Haiti. Haiti had a huge number of unwanted and parentless children due to a long list of cultural and economic reasons, BEFORE the earthquake. Now after this horrific event, there are so many more children that need homes. Estimates are as high as 1 million children have lost one or both parents.

As I write this, the national news just announced they found today a woman alive after 15 days!!

Our pastor took 12 seminary students to Haiti to tour the church’s orphanages and teach them about dealing with the poor. They arrived 1 day before the earthquake. It took them almost a week to get home to the US via boats, motorcycles, walking, buses, and finally a plane out of the Dominican Republic. We were all blessed that our pastor, the seminary students, and all the children and care givers at our orphanages were not badly injured. There were some broken bones and some bruises, but overall we were very, very lucky.

But what about he children?

The 3 orphanages were badly damaged. It seems all the hard work and building and support that we have provided over the last 3 years was gone. But, this is not true. They still have each other. All of these children are a family at each of the orphanages, something they did not have prior to our church’s involvement. The goal of the aid workers has to be to get the families back to together.

But what about the Care Givers?

Compassion Fatigue is a very real issue for all the workers that are in Haiti trying to help the Haitians. Compassion Fatigue involves empathically connecting people going through the emotions of trauma, resulting in experiencing those emotions yourself.

MINES and Associates has programs that help people who deal with trauma on a daily basis such as doctors, nurses, police officers, and fire fighters to name just a few.

MINES and Associates also has EAP programs that provide counseling and therapy to help daily care
givers of our friends, family and loved ones.

To learn more about compassion fatigue and other behavioral issues, please check out our web site at for more information.

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