About Us

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, MINES is one of the leading national psychology firms offering unparalleled expertise in the area of business programs and employee psychology. Formed in 1981, the firm provides diversified services directed toward individuals, couples, families, and organizations.

The staff of MINES is composed of doctoral level licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, certified alcohol counselors, master’s level therapists, and certified employee assistance professionals, with medical back-up provided by psychiatrists. This diversity provides the program with a unique combination of highly trained professionals with a wide range of expertise.

In addition to the EAP/MAP work, the staff has contributed many service hours to community and professional organizations in the form of seminars, workshops, training, critical incidence debriefings, as well as serving as committee chairs and officers for these groups. In recognition of its outstanding programs and community service MINES has received numerous awards over the years.  In 2004, MINES received the Labors’ Community Agency Danny Majors Community Service Award.  In 1993 the firm received the Governors’ Award as the outstanding EAP in the state of Colorado for its EAP program at the Denver Post, in 2004 for its program at the Carpenters Health & Welfare Fund, in 2003 for its MAP/MC program with Colorado IBEW Health & Welfare Fund, in 2005 for its work with the City of Northglenn and in 2007 for its EAP for the Colorado Contractors Trust.  In 1996 the firm received the AFL-CIO Community Services Award.  Dr. Mines was also honored as the International EAPA Member of the Year in 2004. Individually, staff members have received numerous service and achievement awards and have served as officers and directors for various professional and community boards.

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