MINES Specialty Behavioral Health Network

As behavioral healthcare costs and substance abuse treatment costs continue to rise, we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop one of the largest behavioral health networks in the country.  Not only are we hitting milestones like adding over 500 providers in a single week, we’ve developed a simple web-based application process that literally allows us to process provider applications against our requirements in a matter of hours.

We’ve begun to hear the impact of Parity from our clients and partners who’ve expressed their satisfaction in knowing that we’ve got them covered with a robust national network of the top providers allowing their members to get the appropriate level of care at a rate that makes sense for everyone.

If you are a self-funded group and you don’t have a specialty network, MINES can help by analyzing past behavioral health and substance abuse claims to determine what impact our discounts would have on your bottom line.

We’ve been working with groups of all sizes, industries, and locations to provide appropriate levels of care at in-network rates.

If this is something your team would like to explore, we’d be grateful for a chance to help.

Posted by Ian Holtz
Manager, Business Development

ipholtz@minesandassociates.com (303) 953-4083


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  1. #1 by Fallen and I can't get up on July 15, 2010 - 5:51 pm

    This is great information. I know a lot of companies out there are cutting coverage to save money. This looks like it could a good option to save money, but still offer the benefit.

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